The Common Folk

There are some amazing people out there in the world.

In dollar stores, bakeries, on the streets, people you’ll never meet.

Often, these people are amazing at certain things.

One is a hard worker, never gives up, and believes in starting and finishing a job with utmost quality.

Another has a sense of duty like no other, determined to serve his task at the workplace and go above and beyond the standard of the average.

One has the wit and is quick to lighten up the mood of the workplace with a song.

The other checks up on everyone and makes sure no one is left behind.

One enforces authority and grounds the people around them to be responsible for their own life.

The other enforces a standard that will push people beyond their own limits.

Another is an erudite who speaks knowledge beyond the common folk.

There’s one, who has mastery over communication and action, one who is aware and competent in both worlds.

Another who’s straight-shooting path unstopped by any obstacle.

One who has learned the discipline and responsibility that comes with work and at such a young age.

And another who has yet to learn both but has the fiery passion of youth strong in their veins.

All of these people strong, stronger than me in each respectable strength.

But all these people are also human.

We all have our own flaws that makes us who we are.

One is too easy to judge and may mistake certain gestures as disrespect.

Another struggle with topics out of his own ballpark and have a hard time empathizing.

As quick the wit of one can be, his negativity can make the atmosphere depressing.

Burdened by others around her, this one may have internal battles that can be a struggle for themselves.

One’s authority and power may keep people realistic but also make others feel alienated and intimidated.

Setting your standard high also means being disappointed and giving up on people who are weak at the start but may grow astronomically through time.

The erudite breathes knowledge can educate all that are around him, but is ignorant to listen and be open to ideas different from his own.

The jack-of-all-trades, master-of-none is proficient at everything, however never masters anything. Competent she is, but like a chameleon. She adapts to the surroundings and may forget herself.

The one who shoots straight will live life to her own accord. But when faced with an obstacle that may not be passed through a straight-line, they may bend just a bit.

So much responsibility and difficulty faced at such a young age has made this one battle-hardened. But she must not to give up on her dreams and remember to enjoy life like a kid.

Too hot a fire will burn out too fast. This one will have to learn the ways of working hard to get what they want from life.

Now here we are, people you’ve never met. But undoubtedly real people.

They go on in their lives and may be viewed as common folk by strangers.

However, each of them has a pillar, shaped, built, and polished unlike any other.

We must learn from these strengths, to admire and be inspired to shoot for these heights even though we may never reach them.

There’s a lesson in everyone around you, a lesson that may guide you through adversities in life when you need it.

Taking in those lessons is a matter that can only be decided by yourself.

That is my lesson to you.


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