Wayne Liang
3 min readOct 26, 2020



What do I write about?

Well, let's describe my surroundings.

There’s the faint buzzing of the lamp right beside my desk.

The tapping of my fingers on the keyboard as I write this article.

There’s a streetlight directly in front of my window that shines orange, unlike the fluorescent lights in residences.

It’s weird, Why are all the street lights orange while residence lights white?

Well, time for Google.

Ok, I searched it up and it turns out that it’s because orange light is cheaper to produce than white light.

However, it’s also harder to see with an orange light even if it is brighter than a white streetlight counterpart.

Another mystery that popped up and solved through Google within 5 minutes.

But yeah.
Nowadays, the internet has answers to everything.

How long to cook croissants in the oven, how long it takes to get from one location to another, what should I do if my girlfriend broke up with me, how to fix a fridge, how to live my life, best life advice, best gaming computer, best songs from given artist, best fantasy book, etc.

It has answers to everything regardless of how accurate the information is.

Hell, there’s a whole rating system for movies, books, restaurants, clothing, and anything you can buy on Amazon.

That’s kinda crazy.

Imagine judging a product by the ratings.

Imagine judging someone’s character from their resume.

A piece of paper. Ridiculous.

How are you supposed to know someone from their resume?

A resume is just an inflated version of ourselves we put on the paper to catch the employer’s attention.

It’s not even about who’s the most qualified for the job, it’s a competition of who can write the best resume.

I remember searching up, “Best over-ear headphones” on Google. I selected several websites and compared the lists of all the headphones to find a common ground between all the websites. From the list of headphones. The most cost-effective ones were the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x. Nowadays I see people wearing those headphones everywhere.

So, is it really the quality of the headphones that made users buy them or was it marketing done through each website?

Maybe a bit of both.

But it’s insane that nowadays people trust the opinion of strangers to influence their decisions with buying products, watching movies, reading books, etc.

Who knows what people are writing reviews on products.

It could be a nine-year-old kid that knows fuck-all about headphones and tech.

Anyway, long story short.

I used to think I was smart for searching up the best laptop, the best headphones, the best gaming mouse, the best writing pen.

But now that I look at it, it just feels like every website is just a huge marketing scheme that tries to draw the audience through the information overload that no one understands.

This device has a sleek ergonomic design that is unparalleled in the world of smartphones, it has a hecto-core processor running at 300 horsepower with a carbon graphics card that downloads ram from the internet.

Yeah, it’s a marketing scheme.

Think it’s best to go to a tech store ask an employee about their recommendations.

At least they know what they’re talking about (I hope).